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Curtis and Denese Hall have always had a desire to help those less fortunate. Birthed out of a passion for those hurting and experiencing devastation, they founded Clothed With Love, Inc. in 2001. Clothed With Love, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization focused on “changing lives within our community through assistance with love and compassion”. Enlisting the assistance of family, friends and co-workers, the group has grown and plans to increase their efforts in neighboring communities beyond Bushwick, Brooklyn. They have also participated in outreach programs in Trinidad, Kenya, Jamaica, Tanzania, Ghana and Japan -- serving our global neighbors.


Now both retired, they have the capacity to serve more people and grow the business to include more now have the time to dedicate to growing the business and ultimately serve people in areas most needed. They manage the demands of Clothed With Love, Inc. while working full time, integrated process flows, testing and audit reporting for the firm’s Global Human Resources applications. She is also responsible for standard operating procedures and systems security post-implementation. Denese was educated at Virgo Fidelis in London, England and has continued training in Project Management and Toastmasters International.

Curtis now retired was enlisted in the Air Force and spent his post military years in private investigations and real estate.  Settling into life as a New Yorker, his service to others extends way beyond the military and into communities where poverty still exists.  Clothed With Love is definitely an extension of his service to others.


Samirah Ali


Detasha Coleman


Lori H. Luis



Ishmael Hall


 Marilyn Nichol


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